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A Few Choice Tips...

....for my former Intro to Linguistics students about the grading policy.

  1. Being shocked that you have a C in the class weeks after the semester is over and you had all your grades available to you will earn you no sympathy.

  2. Crying about how you would have brought me doctor's notes for all the classes you skipped....er, missed...if you had but known that participation counted for five points in the class will cause me to raise an eyebrow at you. Particularly since the participation aspect has been mentioned in class dozens of times and posted on the class web page since the first day. And you would have had to have been sick for oh...10 of the 13 weekly sessions. And you wouldn't have thought to email me before the very end of the semester, of course. Riiiiight.

  3. Feigning (or perhaps actually experiencing) puzzlement at your grade because you "did so well on the exams!" (which were worth only half the total grade, as was published on the class website) will also earn you no points. Especially if you never came to class, failed the homeworks, and submitted a barely adequate paper.

  4. Whining about how you would have participated in the extra credit experiment but the guy didn't email you back so you dropped it will also result in a frosty response. Particularly if this is the fifth email to me about your grade, thus proving that you're quite capable of pursuing email contact when you so choose.

  5. Wheedling for an extra point because you "tried" will cause boiling irritation and seal your grade's fate.

That is all.


Jan. 5th, 2005 11:28 am (UTC)
Excellent - when did you want to pop over?
Jan. 5th, 2005 02:02 pm (UTC)
How about early afternoon, like 1 or 2? Cann you call me (240-505-2479) and give me your address? (I accidently lost the message which had your number in it.)


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