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My fabulous weekend...

...or why one should spend as much time with a regyt as is humanly possible.

  1. There is key lime pie for the baking and taking.
  2. One can occasionally find a treyvadi in surrounding areas.
  3. One can find oneself surrounded by people in tattered angel costumes telling stories and stories and more stories.
  4. One can find onself singing marvelously minor, previously unknown, and yet easily learned Jewish three part rounds.
  5. One can be left in quiet mental gibbers at the gloriousness of a good, deep bass voice doing cantorial acrobatics.
  6. One can fall over giggling at the best Invader Zim impressions ever.
  7. One can eat pumpkin spice bread and scones and chocolate covered ginger.
  8. One can drink much, much tea of strange and interesting varieties.
  9. One can be involved in glitter massage scritch piles.
  10. One can sing excerpts from the Sadomasochist on the Roof and Tom Lehrer.
  11. One can talk to a regyt until the bright hours of the morning about secrets and stories and love and plots of Escher nose drawings.
  12. There is the love. There is always the love.

Tags: creative, faerie, glee, happy things, liz, regyt

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