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I am Geek (TM), Hear Me Roar

As mentioned, it was a gynecologist appointment, which involves sitting around in a hideously pink paper thing that opens in the front. In a cold room. Because they are mean.

To distract myself, I had brought my notebook with my latest language learning/language modeling foo scribbles. As I sat there in my pink paper napkin dress, Lo! - I was struck with an idea to connect two disparate sets of thoughts I had been having recently. And it was Exciting(TM)!

So I grabbed my pen and started scribbling furiously into the notebook, lest I forget the Great Idea (TM). As I scribble, in walks the gynecologist. He looks at me quizzically in my linguistic frenzy and politely asks me to lay back and spread my legs so he can do examination foo. I do so, still scribbling into my notebook. I'm apparently wriggling around too much, so he asks me if I could put the notebook down. I reluctantly do so in mid-thought. He asks me what I was working on (such a polite man is he), and I proceed to blather at him excitedly as he pushes and prods things. After a few minutes of unceasing linguistic blather, he tells me I'm done and backs away slowly, looking vaguely glazed.

Still in pink napkin garb, I snatch my notebook up and finish my frenetic thoughts. Only after that do I remove the offensive pink paper attire.

That's got to be worth at least a geek point or two.

(posted at the insistence of the fabulous thewronghands, who was giggling madly over a retelling of this at breakfast - it really is funnier with all my gesticulations, I swear it.)

Tags: academic, geek, linguistics, silly

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