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Retainer Strangeness

So I've had this little wire on the back of my front lower teeth ever since I got my braces off the second time (yes, my teeth were so hideous, I needed two go-rounds with the braces). So that's about nine years to get used to having a little wire against my tongue forever and always.

And then I took a bite of gummy Japanese sweet substance, and pop! went the wire. I was vaguely baffled by this, since only one end was detached which left me a snaggle-edged wire in my mouth. So up to the bathroom I went to poke and prod it. After a few twistings, the bracket on the other side popped completely off.

So now, I am a one-bracket no-wire wonder. This, in itself, is not terribly remarkable.

But the sensation of feeling my lower back teeth against my tongue!

Smooth, unmarred by metal....so, so smooth. I am ridiculously distracted by this sensation. Even as I type, my tongue runs luxuriously unhindered against the gum line, resting against the enamel, unpoked by metal wire.

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